Want proof that up-and-coming starlet Amy Adams, who currently can be seen playing Leonardo DiCaprio's Southern sweetie in Catch Me If You Can, has indeed arrived? The media is scouring her closet for skeletons! Luckily, the biggest scandal the press has been able to dredge up was Adams's brief stint as a waitress at busty restaurant chain Hooters.

But as the Colorado native laments to TV Guide Online, the only thing controversial about that gig was that she managed to land it in the first place! "We can all get the irony of me working at Hooters," laughs the actress, glancing down on her modest bosom. "All of the girls there were [much more]... enhanced.

"I was never really good at it," she adds of the job, which she scored shortly after graduating high school. "I could never really manipulate the tips out of the customers, and I wasn't good at flirting."

Adams, whose credits include The West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the straight-to-video Cruel Intentions 2, didn't seem to have much difficulty turning on the charm opposite Catch leading man DiCaprio. "He has such a great sense of humor," she says. "I tend to be a little gullible, so he would try to convince me of things and tease me and see how far he could push that button — and he got pretty far, very often. He told me that Justin Timberlake was giving him singing lessons for a role — and I believed him!"