Ace Young, <EM>American Idol</EM> Ace Young, American Idol

(I'm simply cutting-n-pasting yesterday's ratings blurb, updating where needed.) Nearly 31.5 million total viewers tuned in for Wednesday night's "men second" round of American Idol semifinalists, more than doubling the first two hours of NBC's prime-time Olympics coverage, which averaged 14.8 mil viewers. (On a side note, Paula looked sssmokin'.) However, once Ryan reminded us of the text-voting process a 146th and final time and Idol had bowed out for the night, the Winter Games surged in the 10 o'clock hour with 16.9 million viewers. Tonight, it's the results show versus women's parallel giant-slalom snowboarding. And Survivor. And Dancing with the Stars. And a Love, Inc. repeat.