Benjamin Stockham as Marcus, David Walton Benjamin Stockham as Marcus, David Walton

About a Boy's Will (David Walton) may not know much (read: anything) about parenting, but he sure knows a lot about the ladies.

So it only makes sense that on Tuesday's new episode (9/8c, NBC), Marcus (Benjamin Stockham) asks for Will's help when he wants to catch the eye of a female classmate. But what happens next is slightly less easy to predict.

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"You gave my son advice that got him sent to the principal's office and almost caused a near-fatal explosion in his science lab," Fiona (Minnie Driver) yells at Will in the exclusive clip below. So what exactly did Will tell Marcus to do? And, more importantly, did it impress Marcus' crush?

Watch this exclusive sneak peek to find out:

About a Boy airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.