Barry Manilow by Theo Wargo/ Barry Manilow by Theo Wargo/

Maybe Barry Manilow should retitle his old hit "I Rewrite the Songs." Despite Barry's blog brag about "bowing out" of his Tuesday visit to The View when the chat show refused to bar conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck from his segment, a source close to the show says that executive producer Bill Geddie canceled the crooner rather than accede to his out-of-left-field demand.

Manilow's booking had been firm since July, we're told, making his sudden objection to what he told TMZ were Hasselbeck's "dangerous views" somewhat inexplicable. We also remember Manilow's two happy singalongs in 2006, in which the cast, including Hasselbeck, were in on the fun. "This came as a complete shock to Elisabeth, who's a consummate professional," says the insider.

On her Monday-night Sirius radio show, View creator Barbara Walters deemed Manilow's decision "too bad." Why'd the aging popster do it? "He's a huge friend of Rosie's, so make of that what you will," sums up our source. - Reporting by Ileane Rudolph