As promised, David DiGilio, the creator of ABC's unjustly dispatched Traveler series, has come forth with a final celebrity blog entry revealing not just the secret of the Fourth Branch and the true identity of the Porter, but also the (would-be) game plan for Seasons 2 and 3. Explaining the Fourth Branch alluded to in the "series" finale, he writes, "Our founding fathers wanted independence from England, and they needed to unify a fledgling country populated by a multinational constituency to win the war. What better way to rally a disparate army against the oppressors than to promise the common man a voice in the new government? But what if the founding fathers were also scared of the common man's power? Would they have perhaps put safeguards into place? A branch that sits above the people's three official branches of government? That, my friends, is the Fourth Branch. It is the realization of one of our worst fears, that though we live in the world's greatest democracy, we are not the ones steering the ship."

For DiGilio's complete and extremely detailed peek at what would have been Traveler's future, see his celebrity blog.