Middle America won't be tuning in to a second season of the Roseanne revival, but they just might get a Sue Heck (Eden Sher) spin-off of The Middle instead!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is nearing a deal for a spin-off centered on Sue, most likely following her journey post college, which is where the final season of The Middle left off with her character. So far, very few details about the project have been revealed, but it would hail from The Middle creators DeAnn Heline and Eileen Heisler.

ABC's sudden cancellation of Roseanne has left a gaping hole in its fall lineup, which it'll need to fill ASAP. The final season of The Middle paired nicely with Roseanne this year, seeing an uptick in viewers thanks to its popular lead-in, so it tracks that ABC might consider this new project as substitute.

You can check out the full ABC Fall lineup here.

Eden Sher,<em> The Middle</em>Eden Sher, The Middle