A flurry of scheduling announcements from the Alphabet network:

" After one ridiculously low-rated week back on the air, Extreme Makeover "people edition" has been pulled, to be replaced on Fridays at 8 by Grey's Anatomy repeats. (Speaking of extreme makeovers, check out my Nip/Tuck contribution to the Ausiello Report appearing in the Nov. 5 TV Guide.)

" February 7 has been confirmed as the return date for Lost, which goes on hiatus after the Nov. 8 episode to free up the time slot for Taye Diggs' Day Break (which I started watching last night and it is, like, wowee-zowee good).

" Boston Legal returns to its original Sunday-at-10 time slot on Nov. 26 for a special airing of the first of a two-part episode, to conclude on Nov. 28.