Matt Dallas by Michael Courtney/ABC Family Matt Dallas by Michael Courtney/ABC Family

ABC Family has unveiled its summer and fall schedule, which includes returning tween favorites Kyle XY (premieres Monday, June 11) and Wildfire (January), a pair of new series, the college-set ensemble comedy Greek (July) and the animated Slacker Cats (August), and Tom Bergeron hosted episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos (which are much better than those lame Bob Saget ones). In conjunction with Greek, the channel will launch next month, yet another social networking site to help you fritter away your workday. Kyle XY also offers an interactive component at, including exclusive videos, online games and clues to the show's myriad mysteries, like why the title character lacks a navel. It's like so incredibly grody. Inner-city drama Lincoln Heights (September) and the heavenly Fallen (August 3-5) are also back. - Raven Snook