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Not everyone knows Aaron Sorkin's name, but they've almost certainly heard his trademark rich and frenetic dialogue. The creator and writer of The West WingSports NightStudio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and The Newsroom is busy wrapping up the final season of the latter, and once that's done, his television career may fade to black.

"I know the whole 'never say never' stuff, but I'm pretty certain I'm about to write my last three episodes of television," Sorkin told The Los Angeles Times on the set of The Newsroom. "And I want to be really clear about this. Really clear about this. I've loved every minute I've spent in television. And I've had much more failure, as traditionally measured, than success in television. I've done four shows, and only one of them was The West Wing."

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Sorkin isn't exaggerating about the TV-success thing. His first series, the sports-cable network drama/comedy Sports Night, debuted in 1998 to critics' praise but only lasted two seasons at ABC before it was canceled due to low ratings. The West Wing ran for seven successful seasons and is considered one of the best network political dramas to ever air. In 2006, Sorkin followed up The West Wing up with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which was canceled after one season and had become the subject of much criticism. After a break from television, Sorkin returned in 2012 with HBO's The Newsroom, which divided critics and fans and will end with the conclusion of its third season.

Don't worry for Sorkin, though. He's had better success in the world of film, where he won an Academy Award for penning The Social Network and earned another nomination for Moneyball. Ever shout "You can't handle the truth!" from A Few Good Men? That's one of his, too (NBC is even working on a live production of the film). Sorkin's next project is the Steve Jobs biopic,Jobs.

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