In the year 2000, before he was famous, Aaron Paul appeared on The Price Is Right. He lost the Showcase Showdown with an overbid of just $132, which caused him to make a face of stunned horror he would later make many, many times on Breaking Bad.

On Wednesday's (pre-taped) Late Late Show, James Corden gave Paul a chance at redemption. The host and The Path star snuck into The Price Is Right's studio so Paul could recreate that fateful day, but do it right this time.

They're caught by The Price Is Right host Drew Carey (whose son became a celebrity in his own right last week), who is mad at first, but then he allows Paul to do what he really came there to do: the Showcase Showdown.

James Corden, Drew Carey and Aaron Paul, <em>The Late Late Show</em>James Corden, Drew Carey and Aaron Paul, The Late Late Show

I have to warn you, at no point does Aaron Paul say, "The price is wrong, bitch," which would have been a double-barreled reference to Paul's Breaking Bad catchphrase and his idol Bob Barker's famous scene from Happy Gilmore. Missed opportunity, but it's still pretty funny.

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