Aaron Douglas, <i>The Bridge</i> Aaron Douglas, The Bridge

There's a new cop show on the TV lineup. The Canadian drama The Bridge (Saturday, 8/7c, CBS) premiered July 10 and introduced viewers to Frank Leo, a dedicated beat officer who is fed up with the corrupt police brass. He takes action by getting elected union leader, making him some powerful new enemies who have already proven they'll go to great lengths to bring him down.

But it's nothing Frank can't handle, according to the guy who plays him: Aaron Douglas, who likens the character to Tony Soprano. Says Douglas, "Frank runs the police union like a gang and rules with an iron fist. He has a sense of morality about him, although it's a little skewed. You're either going to love this guy or think he's a little too far gone."

Best known to audiences for his work on the critically adored Battlestar Galactica, on which he portrayed Chief Galen Tyrol for four seasons, Douglas sees similarities between the two roles. "Frank's not unlike the Chief — he's a blue-collar guy and he fights for his people and sometimes he has too many drinks. He's a flawed man, but he does the best he can with what he has."

Expect to see some not-so-lawful behavior tonight when our hero is forced to play by the bad guys' rules to solve the murder of a retired narcotics cop. Do the criminals have a chance against Frank? Fuhgeddaboudit!

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