Aaron Carter, <EM>House of Carters</EM> Aaron Carter, House of Carters

On E!'s new reality show House of Carters (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), there's usually a lot of drama, and with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter watching over his younger siblings who haven't lived together in 10 years there's bound to be some sticky situations. TVGuide.com grabbed a few minutes with Aaron Carter to talk about the show and his upcoming plans. Yet for someone who exhibits quite a bit of energy on camera, he kept quiet about mostly everything, with the exception of what it was like living with his big brother.

TVGuide.com: What was your first reaction when you heard about House of Carters? Was Nick the one who ran the idea by you?
Aaron Carter: It was something that Nick and I had been talking about for a while, actually. Initially that's why I moved out to L.A., and then we got prepared for the show.

TVGuide.com: Did you think, "This is going to be crazy"?
Carter: I was expecting a little more craziness, actually, but it wasn't too bad.

TVGuide.com: Was anyone apprehensive about doing the show, or did each of you definitely want to do it?
Carter: Everybody was pretty down for it.

TVGuide.com: Had you been away from your siblings for a while before you started taping?
Carter: It was right around the [time of the] show when we started seeing each other [regularly again]. It had been a while.

TVGuide.com: You and Nick seem to have a lot of arguments.  Have you two always fought like that? Is it because you're so close?
Carter: I just don't always agree with him, and I'm not going to be one to agree when I don't agree.

TVGuide.com: Who are you closest with among your siblings?
Carter: Angel and B.J., probably.

TVGuide.com: Nick seems to care about everyone's careers. Is he helpful that way, or do you feel pressured to succeed?
Carter: No, I was working on my career way before Nick was even involved. I've been [performing] solo, he's been in a group. It's not like I really feel like I have to prove something to him or to anybody. It's about me and what I'm comfortable with.

TVGuide.com: In terms of the show, what do we as viewers not get to see?
Carter: Oh, no, you see everything. Everything.

TVGuide.com: They're showing us the most exciting stuff?
Carter: Yes, they are. We can be pretty boring sometimes.

TVGuide.com: I'm interested to see B.J. pursue her culinary career. After Nick introduced her to a top chef, has she had any success?
Carter: She's going to try some other things for sure, too, and I'm sure she'll do what's best for her.

TVGuide.com: For yourself, what's the best part of living in the house?
Carter: The best part was there was a lot more space for my dogs.

TVGuide.com: What's the worst part?
Carter: The worst part was my brother, probably!

TVGuide.com: Your brother? Why, because he was setting all the rules and keeping tabs on you?
Carter: Yeah, he acts too much like a dad. If I was his kid, I'd hate my dad.

TVGuide.com: You like it better when he's just the brother, right?
Carter: Exactly. Stay the brother.

TVGuide.com: You are always messing around with your recording equipment and creating songs. Will we see an album from you anytime soon? Are you producing anything?
Carter: You're going to see a lot of me in the music industry. I'm going to release a couple of singles, and then the album in early '07.

TVGuide.com: How about movies? Did working on Fat Albert and Supercross: The Movie give you the acting bug?
Carter: Oh, of course. I'm going to be doing a lot of acting stuff. I'll definitely be keeping that up.

TVGuide.com: Are you working on anything right now?
Carter: There's some stuff being put in front of my face right now, but I'm just checking it out. My plan is to get into the movie theaters by next summer.

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