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A Million Little Things: Eddie and Delilah's New Secret Will Test Eddie's Sobriety

He just escaped a big lie... and now there's another one

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday's episode of A Million Little Things. Read at your own risk!]

Just when you thought it was safe for the friends on A Million Little Things to hang out again without any dramatic confessions, another secret has made its way into the group. Wednesday episode confirmed that Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) is pregnant with Eddie's (David Giuntoli) baby and she couldn't go through with the abortion. That means the baby is coming... but she and Eddie have agreed that no one else can know the kid isn't her dead husband Jon's child.

Considering how long their affair stayed a secret, this seems like a pretty reckless idea to most. However, the only people on the show who don't know about the affair are the children. Delilah is doing all she can to help her two kids through the process of grieving their father and knows that telling them she was sleeping with another man right before his suicide could permanently damage her relationship with them at this crucial point in their lives. Eddie, meanwhile, is in the midst of a divorce from Katherine (Grace Park) and will already have reduced time with his son Theo. The last thing he would want is for Theo to decide he wants to live full-time with his mother because of something terrible his father has done.

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This is television though, and that means secrets can't stay secrets for too long or there is no drama. TV Guide talked to Giuntoli about what kind of pressure keeping this whopper of a secret is going to put on Eddie. Keep reading to see what he had to say.

David Giuntoli, A Million Little Things​

David Giuntoli, A Million Little Things

Jack Rowand, ABC

We have another big secret between Eddie and Delilah that we have to deal with. How hard is it going to be for Eddie going forward to keep the secret that this is really his baby?
David Giuntoli: Eddie has just revealed to his friends that he was having an affair and one of the hardest things for Eddie, as someone who is a sober alcoholic, is living with dishonesty. So, I think Eddie, after the affair, the last thing he wants in his life is more deceit and dishonesty. I think he wants to live the straight and narrow life in every respect of that term.

It is going to be very difficult for Eddie to live with this new secret he has with Delilah. The only way he can justify it, I believe, is [that] keeping the secret is going to be healthy for the kids. And if anyone knows whose child this really is, then the kids will also know. It's something I've spoken [about] quite a bit with the creators about and they agree -- it's all to save the kids, at this point.

He's at least a very devoted father for Theo. How difficult is it going to be for him to not be able to take that father role with this new baby because everyone thinks it's Jon's baby?
Giuntoli: Well, I think one of Eddie's saving graces as a person is his complete and unflappable devotion to his kid, to the children in his group of friends. He is a wonderful older-brother figure. He's a wonderful uncle figure. He's got this avuncular quality with Sophie and Danny and he's a great father to Theo.

It's going to be very difficult for Eddie to keep a respectful distance from Delilah during the course of her pregnancy. And I think we'll see, going forward, that he wants to honor her. The struggle is very visceral for him to maintain a distance, emotionally and physically, from her and this pregnancy.

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What are his feelings toward Delilah at this point? Because they immediately cooled off when Jon committed suicide, and he tried to make it work with Katherine, but are those feelings of being in love with her still there?
Giuntoli: I don't think Eddie's feelings ever cooled off with Delilah. I think his behavior very much changed since the death of his friend. And the only thing we're seeing that is different is his behavior toward Delilah. His feelings are there. He loves Delilah. Something that we're going to explore in future episodes is what was going on in Katherine and Eddie's relationship that kind of pushed Eddie into this adulterous affair with Delilah, and what was going on Delilah's relationship with Jon that justified, in her head and in Eddie's and Delilah's behavior, their relationship.

Eddie loves Delilah. She was there for him when other people were not. She was there for him when Katherine wouldn't be. She was a fan in his corner, someone who would root for him when really no one else was doing that actively, certainly not Katherine. So it kind of pushed them together, and he very much loves Delilah. He's just trying to live the straight and narrow, at this point.

How are we going to see the divorce take a toll on him? He seemed genuinely devastated when Katherine said that she didn't want to figure out how to make it work.
Giuntoli: Yeah. Eddie is an alcoholic and it's something that is in the background of his brain, always pushing him, always tempting him, always applying pressure to every decision he makes, every hardship in his life. It's there. The divorce not only means he's going to be away from Katherine, which probably should have happened a long time ago in a much healthier way. He should have been much healthier with his decisions about how to end the relationship with Katherine. But here we are.

The divorce to Eddie means the loss of Theo, a little bit. At best, Eddie's going to share time with Katherine for Theo. An alcoholic waking up in a newly empty apartment, away from his son, it's going to be very trying for Eddie. And hopefully, it doesn't push him to the bottle in any way.

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Is that something that he might be able to rely on Rome and Gary to help him through or is he going to be closed off because he does have all of these secrets that he needs to keep from them?
I find in life the more you're ashamed of who you are, the more you're not living in accord with actually what you're experiencing inwardly, the unhealthier you are. I think that Eddie's primed to be in a fairly unhealthy place. Eddie can rely on Rome (Romany Malco) and Gary (James Roday) to keep him from drinking. It's a matter of, can Eddie voice this new demon he has, this new secret and the new pain that brings? Can Eddie voice that to Gary and Rome? I don't think that he can right now.

Finally, do you have any guesses on what it is that Ashley is potentially hiding from Delilah and this group of friends?
Giuntoli: Eddie's clueless as to this. I don't think he's even aware of this storyline. David Giuntoli, on the other hand, has some guesses. What is she hiding?... I don't know what the hell's going on with Ashley. She could be doing God-knows-what. David Giuntoli has about as much of a clue as to what Ashley's hiding from Delilah as the rest of the fans do. I have no idea.

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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Christina Moses, Stephanie Stoszak; A Million Little Things

Christina Moses, Stephanie Stoszak; A Million Little Things

ABC/Jack Rowand