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Twitter Showed No Mercy to A Christmas Story Live!

Oh, internet... never change

Lindsay MacDonald

When it comes to live musicals on TV, audiences can be kind of split. Sometimes they become a national phenomenon like Grease Live!, and sometimes they go the way ofPeter Pan Live! -- also known as the three hours of our lives we will never get back. Unfortunately, A Christmas Story Live! seems to have erred more on side of Peter Pan than Grease.

From child actors who went a little too hard on their vocals to microphone and blocking mishaps, show-stopping moments in A Christmas Story Live! were few and far between. Though it deserves to be said that the brand new Hanukkah number created just for Ana Gasteyer was a huge success!

As for the rest of it... well, at least Twitter sure had a fun time tearing it apart. And honestly, isn't that the reason we watch these live shows anyway?

On the other hand, there were still a decent amount of people who put aside their cynicism and genuinely enjoyed the musical version of their favorite Christmas movie. They made sure to give praise where praise was due, like the epic five-part harmonies from those chorus kids, insane tap numbers, and quick as lightning costume changes. At the end of the day, it's all just a matter of taste!