"There are two types of emergency," Connie Britton tells us in the first trailer of Ryan Murphy's cop show, 9-1-1.

The first type has Peter Krause and his team of first responders handling the crises that "we all have every day," like busted pipes and boa constrictors cutting off our circulation (um, sure). This is the type that the paramedics have fun with and the kind that lead to good stories to tell at the bar when the shift ends, so it seems.

Connie Britton Reunites with Ryan Murphy for 9-1-1

The second type requires more ominous music, a quick shot of Angela Bassett in a cop's uniform, armed and ready, and a woman jumping off a building. The second type is where 9-1-1 gets real and leaves us intrigued for what exactly Murphy is cooking up with this all-star cast.

Unfortunately, we still have an unknown amount of time to figure out what that is. 9-1-1 will premiere sometime in early 2018 on Fox.

In the meantime, how many of you have been choked by a snake before? Asking for a curious friend.