Ryan Eggold by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ WireImage.com Ryan Eggold by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ WireImage.com

This fall, there's not only a new class coming in at the new 90210's West Beverly High, there's also a brand new teacher, fresh out of college and ready to influence young minds. You with me here?

The new teach on the scene is Ryan Matthews, played by Dirt's own Ryan Eggold. Now that Eggold's Farber Kauffman won't be returning to the air, he can focus his attention on the nubile newbies of West Bev. At Friday's STRIDE Gum's Ridiculously Long Lasting Celebration, Eggold talked to TVGuide.com about how things will play out for him in (and out) of the classroom.

By Eggold's account, Mr. Matthews is "kind of a kid himself. A lot of options there." One of those "options" will play out in the pilot episode. "There is some tension between a student and myself," he said. The illicit intermingling, however, may not come to fruition: "I'm not sure where they're going to go with it," Eggold said. "I do have a love interest, I can't say yet [who]."

Fans of indie flick Half Nelson should recognize some of Mr. Matthews' idiosyncrasies. The film, which depicts a loner, drug-addicted high school teacher, was part of the inspiration for the new teacher. Eggold explained, "[Matthews is] definitely his own man and kind of a lone wolf in a sense. He butts heads with the principal a lot, Harry Mills ( Rob Estes). He's kind of a loose cannon, and does whatever he feels."

Eggold also teased the look and feel of the classic show's spin-off. "It's really hot, it's really sharp and bright and intense," he explained. "Visually, it's just great." With new teachers like Eggold, the visuals are looking pretty fine already. Do you think you'll enroll with the newer, brighter, faster, edgier Beverly Hills? - Anna Dimond

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