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While the first half of 90210's third season focused on Teddy's road to discovering he's gay, the latter half features the tennis jock coming out and realizing he wants to settle down.

"He bounced around from girl to girl because there was always something missing," Trevor Donovan tells "Now he's starting to feel those emotions, sees why he was bouncing around and doesn't want to do that now."

Coming out, slowly: 90210's Trevor Donovan and Kyle Riabko talk teddy's tortured journey

In the last episode before the winter hiatus, Teddy finally admitted his feelings for previous one-night stand Ian (Kyle Riabko), and the two decided they wanted to begin a relationship — with Teddy still in the closet. But while the two thought they were sharing a private kiss in the school hallway, Dixon, in fact, was there.

When the CW series resumes at 8/7c on Monday, Dixon will confront Teddy with what he saw.

"Dixon lets him know that he saw, and Teddy begs him not to tell anybody. But eventually Silver finds out," he says. With both Dixon and Silver aware, soon Teddy comes out to the rest of the group. "There will be the obvious transitional, uncomfortable period but ultimately all the guys are really supportive," he adds.

90210's Trevor Donovan: Teddy's internal struggles will fuel more external outbursts

So if Teddy and Ian are happily out, why has a new love interest been cast?

"Teddy and Ian have a falling out and it ends quite abruptly," Donovan says. "In a way, Teddy puts one foot back in the closet and has concerns about who he's going to lean on and who's going to be his friend."

90210 casts Teddy's newest boyfriend

After a few bumps along the way, including a fling with a former roommate, Teddy settles into his relationship with newcomer Marco, played by Freddie Smith, and finally sees what he's been missing all along.

"Through these relationships with these guys, he realizes he doesn't want to be that player-type anymore. He's evolving and changing," Donovan says.

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The actor says that viewers will be happy to see that his journey to self-discovery is going to bring the group closer together.

"We're shooting an episode right now which is the first time we're all shooting scenes together — every single one of the cast," he says. "[It's] the end of our senior year and the writers are bringing the cast closer together as one solid friendship and family."