Trevor Donovan Trevor Donovan

Remember that guy we exclusively revealed would be Ethan's replacement on 90210? Well, here's what he looks like!

His name is Trevor Donovan, and you might recognize him from a stint on Days of Our Lives as bad boy Jeremy Horton or from his days as an Abercrombie and Fitch model (Google will help you out if you need the photographic evidence, pervs).

Producers have tapped Donovan to play suave, charming Teddy, who is a tennis prodigy and the son of a movie star. Teddy sounds like what Steve Sanders was supposed to be, before they cast Ian Ziering and then they were like: OK, he'll be the funny one!

Donovan will hit the ground running, as we hear he'll be all up in Annie's grill within minutes of 90210's 8 p.m. return on Tuesday, September 8.

What do you think? Is Teddy a good addition to the cast? Will he give the show the sexing up it so desperately needs?

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