Shannen Doherty Shannen Doherty

Color me stoked — the mega-bitch is back! Shannen Doherty will return to 90210 for one more episode, has confirmed.

Details on why the man-stealing, baby-wanting Brenda Walsh will be back for the season finale are sketchy, but we're guessing that it's no accident that Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) will be just about ready to deliver by then, and is still in need of an adoptive parent for her impending bundle of joy.

When we spoke to Lowndes last month, she dismissed the Brenda scenario as "predictable," but would not confirm or deny the speculation. When we last saw Brenda, she and Kelly were on the outs because of Brenda's, cough, indiscretions with Kelly's crush object/plotline-in-waiting Mr. Matthews. The girls eventually made up, once Kelly learned that dealing with Adrianna's unwanted pregnancy was an emotional strain on Brenda, who recently discovered that she can't have children.

It appears that Doherty's appearance will not intersect at all with Tori Spelling's two-episode reprise of her Donna Martin character, which begins April 14.

Are you excited to see Shannen Doherty back on the show? More importantly, would she make a good mom?

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