Nick Zano, AnnaLynne McCord, Josh Zuckerman Nick Zano, AnnaLynne McCord, Josh Zuckerman

So who's the real love of Naomi's life? It looks like we're about to find out.

As she and P.J. (Nick Zano) get ready to exchange I do's on 90210, former love Max (Josh Zuckerman) will pop back into her life with romance on the brain.

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Why? Because he's the groom-to-be of the wedding Naomi has been hired to plan. Ouch! She's probably not going to like that. (Even though she did rebound rather quickly with Austin. And then again with P.J....)

Max was last seen leaving Naomi after discovering that she had been fighting off her feelings for the playboy cowboy in order to be with Max. His big return is slated to air on May 1.

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Can P.J. possibly compete with her former tutor and love of her life? Will nerds really inherit the Earth? Sound off in the comments below. And let us know who you think Naomi be should be with!