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When we last saw 90210's Mr. Matthews in the Season 2 finale, he stole a school bus while drunk out of his mind, slammed his car into the West Beverly school sign, and drove away in a blaze of fire. So where will we find the baby daddy-to-be at the start of the new season?

TVGuide.com caught up with actor Ryan Eggold to find out if the prospect of fatherhood will help the troubled teacher clean up his act, what to expect with his relationship with the baby's mother, Jen, and if Naomi and her sister will be making amends.

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TVGuide.com: Last time we saw Ryan, he was spiraling out of control. What can we expect this season now that he's going to be a dad?
Ryan Eggold: It really takes over his life, but in good way. He gets some perspective that he can't keep stumbling around drunkenly and doing what he's doing. There is someone who's going to depend on him as father and he needs to grow up. When we see him in Season 3, he's really cleaned up and ready to be good dad — and ready to be sober. 

TVGuide.com: What does Jen think of Ryan trying to get involved in the baby's life?
Eggold: It's a really fun relationship to play because they don't get along and don't immediately love each other. They care about each other, but they are so different and can't agree on anything. But it's done with a comedic tone — we're like the odd couple.

TVGuide.com: How is Naomi dealing with the idea of being an aunt?
Eggold: There's a scene where I show her a picture of her new nephew, and I think starts to reignite the relationship between her and her sister, which has been really strained. Ryan and Naomi [AnnaLynne McCord] have some things going on this season — one because he's having her sister's baby, and also because she's going through some difficult stuff with Mr. Cannon.

TVGuide.com: What can we expect with that storyline?
Eggold: It's fun to watch and hard to watch because Cannon goes on unscathed at first. There's no immediate repercussions and it's hard to watch a villain get away with something. Naomi is mixed up about it and how to process it. But it becomes more complicated as the thing goes on.

TVguide.com: Anything else you can tell us about the upcoming season?
Eggold: Everybody has great stuff. Jessica Lowndes' character [Adrianna] is going through this music career stuff and kind of making bad decisions because of the pressures of that and trying to become successful. Matt Lanter's character [Liam] finds himself in some situations he really doesn't want to be in that are hilarious for us but excruciating for him. We have a new guy who finds himself involved in a love triangle with two of the characters that are already on the show. And I just heard there's a new flame for Ryan on the horizon.