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Do 90210's Ivy and Dixon stand a chance? Their budding romance is in danger of getting cut short by one serious set of abs, courtesy of Ivy's childhood chum-turned-housemate, Oscar.

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Here's what he know about 90210's international man of mystery, played by Blair Redford: He's British, older than the West Bev gang, and hoping to hook up with both Ivy (Gillian Zinser) and her mom Laurel (Kelly Lynch). Oscar spent the summer interning for — and sleeping with — Laurel, and for reasons unknown, he'll decide to stay and repeat senior year.

"I loved his character breakdown," Zinser says, laughing. "One part Johnny Depp, two parts Talented Mr. Ripley, one part sexy."

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Ivy is turned on by Oscar's wild side, even when she should be wary of him. "His intentions aren't exactly clear," says Redford, who isn't British. "You'll soon see him with the other kids, and it's like he's moving chess pieces." And what's that about choosing to repeat senior year? "He says something about his grades not being up to par in England, but I don't know if even I believe that myself," Redford says.

"You'll have to wait and see if he has real feelings for Ivy or if it's just part of an intricate scheme he's weaving."

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Whatever he's up to, the situation is bound to tear apart Ivy and her mom. Can emancipation be far away? "I'm assuming their relationship will crumble if not be severely tested," Zinsler says. "That will be challenging and really interesting to watch... The parents on this show really are dying off, aren't they? Naomi's parents aren't around, Principal Wilson is gone..."

And what about Dixon (Tristan Wilds)? Is he doomed so soon after using the L word? Will Ivy really fall for Oscar and his abs? "Ivy and Dixon are tested as a couple immediately," Zinser says. "This is the first time Oscar and Ivy have seen each other since they were kids and there's a lot of newfound attraction. He's a heartthrob now."

But Zinser says she's pulling for Dixon. Their romance has become "deeper and more vulnerable, which is something that is so nice to see Ivy get this year," she says. "You get to see her guard unravel."