Jessica Stroup Jessica Stroup

What the heck has happened to one of the most likable characters (and there aren't many) on 90210? We know Silver comes from a funky broken family with a lot of baggage, and we know the series has a new show-runner with a new style, but we're having a hard time believing Silver would go from zero to crazy in just the last few episodes. Not just a little crazy; we're talkin' Emily Valentine crazy!

On Tuesday's show, the first new episode since before the holidays, Silver decided to get creative with a school assignment. Instead of doing a presentation about love poems, she produced a movie — even rented out a theater and created movie posters for promotion. When part of her "movie" showed a secretly taped sex romp between her and Dixon, you can imagine how the peach pits hit the fan. Dixon was furious, which then drove Silver completely over the edge. She decided that a bonfire in his backyard, burning all evidence of the offensive movie, was the smartest way to get back into Dixon's good graces. Yeah.

Are we really supposed to buy A) that Silver would think that showing a sex tape to friends and her teacher was even remotely appropriate, or B) that Silver's growing obsession with Dixon would send her into a desperate spiral of pyromania?

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