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The new season of 90210 has not been kind to young lovers. Silver and Dixon are still on the outs. Liam broke Naomi's heart in last season's finale; her older married lover then stomped on it a bit too. Navid is attempting to not be jealous of Teddy, lest it drive a wedge between him and Adrianna. And the closest thing that newly ostracized Annie has found to love involved a bungalow, a cellphone pic and a mass emailing.

When will Cupid visit West Bev? Not any time soon, says the cast. On a visit to the show's Los Angeles set, TVGuide.com asked them about their upcoming storylines and said a little prayer that these crazy kids just might find happiness one of these days.

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ADRIANNA (Jessica Lowndes)

After kissing Teddy and sleeping with Navid, the pressure gets to Adrianna. "You're going to see how Navid might find out [about Teddy]," says Lowndes. "She may have feelings for Teddy, but she's definitely someone who can't handle things when things aren't going good. She needs control, and when she feels like she's out of control, she turns to substances and other things."

Ade has a few tricks up her sleeve to hide her using. "Adrianna learned from last year that she has to step up her game, so she's actually a lot more believable this year," says Annalynn McCord, who plays Ade's BFF Naomi. However, McCord says that Ade's past behavior will make Naomi more suspicious. "When Naomi figures it out, it'll just be cut and dried," she says. "You're out."

NAVID (Michael Steger)

Adrianna's troubles obviously will affect her relationship with Navid. "There's a possible breakup for Navid and Adrianna because of Teddy," says Steger. "I think Navid gets to a point of no return. He's so fed up with the situation." Don't cry for Navid though. "There might be other girls," he hints.

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LIAM (Matt Lanter)

While Liam's cell phone recording of Jen's confession should blow the lid off things, it doesn't. As of episode 10, which the cast was shooting during our visit, Liam still hadn't figured out how to tell Naomi. You see, he's a little distracted by the arrival of Ivy (Gillian Zinser), a surfing tomboy. "She comes in, her and Liam have a little confrontation in the beginning, and it turns into a friendship, and then turns into possibly something more than that," says Lanter.

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NAOMI (AnnaLynne McCord)

Naomi will find out what happened on prom night. "You're going to see some very fun scenes between Naomi and her big sister when Naomi figures out what exactly is going on," says McCord. "Now that her role model is an a-hole, instead of going down the road that her sister has taken, she might just relinquish some of that control and that need to be in control. You might see a 100 percent total change in Naomi. Don't worry; she'll still have her bite, but there's some yummy scenes with Annie, that people might be like, 'Wow.'"

Dixon (Tristan Wilds)

"[Sasha will] be here for a few episodes, definitely more than two," says Wilds of his older love interest who thinks he's the porn king of Beverly Hills. "He puts his foot in his mouth very well. It's just seeing how he does it, how he gets his foot out of his mouth and how everything becomes rectified or messed up again."

All you Silver-Dixon supporters can latch on to this offhand comment. "I think there may be a big chance for Dixon and Silver eventually. Heck, they might become friends again, you never know," Wilds teases.

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ANNIE (Shenae Grimes)

"It's going to be a very long time before anyone or if anyone finds out that [Annie has] killed someone," says Lowndes. "She keeps it a secret for a very long time." Annie will also meet Jasper, the nephew of the man who was killed in a certain hit-and-run accident. "Jasper has this manipulative control over Annie in their relationship," McCord says. Could that be because he knows she killed his uncle? Talk about issues!

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