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"Doesn't everyone want to be pulled around by hunky reindeer?" asks 90210's Jessica Lowndes. The actress is taking a breather from the day's task: singing a sultry version of "Santa Baby" while being hauled around on an ice rink by strapping men-deer and a school of merry elves.

Filming the scene hasn't been easy. "I'm from Vancouver, and I don't know how to skate," Lowndes says. "It's embarrassing."

But this is what Adrianna wants, so in Monday's 90210 fall finale, Lowndes' character will celebrate her rapid rise up the pop charts the way any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star-in-training would. She buys a mansion and a little dog, dresses up as Mrs. Claus (if Mrs. Claus wore fishnet stockings) and throws herself an over-the-top bash.

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But Ade's Christmas cheer won't last long. Big parties mean big blow-ups, and her power trip will reach its peak when she's visited by the Ghost of Pop Stars Past — that is, her fed-up manager Victor finally exposes her for stealing the late Javier's music.

"Just when she thinks everything's going amazing, she realizes that Victor has now turned on her and she's devastated," Lowndes says.

At the same time, Adrianna's neglect of Navid (Michael Steger) will take its toll when Navid's dad unexpectedly flees the country. With Adrianna preoccupied, Silver (Jessica Stroup) is the one who does the consoling.

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"There will be lots of kisses for Christmas in this episode," Stroup teases.

"Silver's there for me when Adrianna should be," Steger says. And the truth is Navid's fallen out of love with Adrianna more than he's fallen in love with Silver.  "Ade's turned into someone else. It's just too much for Navid to handle so he's totally disconnecting from the relationship."

As for Silver, Stroup isn't saying whether or not she and Navid will become a true twosome in the new year, but she's all for it if they do. "I want some Steger for Silver ... There's a lot of good stuff coming. Maybe even a little bit of the physical."

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That certainly sounds like the end for Adrianna and Navid, a couple who since Season 1 has survived her drug problem, pregnancy, cheating with Teddy, and second drug problem. Steger says Ade will, in fact, begin to realize what's at stake but only after it's too late.

"She doesn't yet realize that she's lost a few things in the fire and it's going to be hard for her to reclaim the dignity she once had," Steger says. "She's lost a lot of friends, her boyfriend and she could lose a lot more."

In spite of everything, Lowndes, who's recording an album of her own, says Adrianna isn't just going to give up on her dream.

"She still has a good heart," the actress says. "But, obviously, she's always had a very addictive personality. She's always wanted this kind of success, and she'll stop at nothing to get it."

90210's fall finale airs Monday at 8/7c on the CW.