11:45: The best-picture award is presented by Denzel Washington. All together now... the winner is... No Country for Old Men. My mom is totally pissed off right now. The Coens are stoked. I just need to go to bed. Longest awards show... ever.

11:43: The Coens finally win an Oscar for directing. It's a super-cute speech. Yay, Coens! Still, our staff wants to give a shout-out to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. 11:34: Daniel Day-Lewis wearing a crazy outfit with gold hoops takes the prize for best actor in There Will Be Blood. Rebecca Miller looks bizarre... like she's wearing a Kennedy Center honor medal on top of her dress. But she's clearly proud and in love, and DDL's speech is eloquent and lovely, so all is forgiven. 11:24: Harrison Ford slowly introduces the nominees for best original screenplay. The award goes to Diablo Cody for Juno, in the least surprising moment of the night. But I loved Juno, so yay! PS. Diablo, they're called undergarments... for next time your dress blows open in front of a billion people. 11:20: Oh man, now Tom Hanks is out introducing best documentary short film, with clips from Marines in Iraq. I can't believe they're doing this. Tasteless. The winner is Freeheld by Cynthia Wade and Vanessa Roth. Then Alex Gibney and Eva Orner for Taxi to the Dark Side win for best documentary. 11:08: Amy Adams, who looks beyond gorgeous, presents the Oscar for best original score to Dario Marianelli for Atonement. 11:02: Hilary Swank looks really harsh. She introduces the "In Memoriam" montage. Tears! Heath! Deborah Kerr! Other random legends! No Brad Renfro = poor form. 11:00: Cameron Diaz looks like a paper airplane in her dress.... She presents best cinematography to Robert Elswit for his work in There Will Be Blood. 10:48: John Travolta enters dancing - shocker - to present the Oscar for best original song to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of Once! Yay! They're cute. 10:46: My boyfriend Patrick Dempsey (just kidding, hubby!), presents another musical number from Enchanted. It's the worst musical number so far - a big Disney-like cheesefest. Cute singer, though. 10:30: Nicole "Please Lay Off the Botox" Kidman needs to get her necklace out of her cleavage. She's been given the task of presenting the honorary Oscar to set designer (and 90-year-old!) Robert Boyle. He's super-cute. And funny. 10:29: Renee "Walks with a Stick Up Her Butt" Zellweger awards the best-film-editing award to The Bourne Ultimatum. 10:22: Jack... the Jack... is on stage introducing a best-picture montage. We're wondering if he's laughing at the bad prompter writing or if he's already popped his Viagra for the night. 10:19: The singers from Once perform a gorgeous tune. Too bad it's creepy that he's 37 and she's 19. OK, not creepy, but a little skeevy. But the song rocks. 10:10: Oooh, baby! The best-actress award is here! Forest Whitaker presents the award to (drum role in my head), Marion Cotillard! I know everyone loves Julie Christie, but this girl transformed herself for La Vie en Rose. Bravo! And... she's so excited and adorable. I loved Cate Blanchett's reaction, too. 10:01: Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill fight over who looks more like Halle Berry (who should have been presenting this award). We love them. They are our new boyfriends. They're presenting the award for sound editing to The Bourne Ultimatum. I'm happy for them, but I'm ready for something to wake me up. Is Billy Crystal around? Anyone? The second award they give out is for best sound mixing, also to The Bourne Ultimatum. Really, all I care about is watching Seth and Jonah crack me up. I heart them. 9:55: Kristin Chenoweth performs another Enchanted number. She's cute and her voice is amazing. That's all. 9:49: President of the Academy Syd Ganis bores us to death. Even Jon can't hide his disgust. Heh. 9:48: Best adapted screenplay goes to No Country for Old Men. Our staff is bummed that Diving Bell didn't win. 9:40: Tilda makes the upset for best supporting actress: She says her Oscar looks just like her agent, including the bald head and the buttocks. Love her! Even if she does look a little alien-like. And, come on, grumpy poster... I'm just having a little fun with the celebs. George Clooney says a good celeb can always laugh at themselves. 9:32: Bee Movie B.S. of an intro. When will he die! Best animated short film goes to Peter & the Wolf. 9:28: Now we're talkin'! Owen Wilson post-"time-out" looks put-together and coherent. He's presenting the Oscar for Live Action Foreign Film to Le Mozart de Pickpockets. 9:25: Second musical number "Raise It Up," from August Rush. No one saw this movie, so I don't see a win happening for these lovely singers. I'm rocking out a little right now. Good times. 9:15: Best supporting actor is finally here! Jennifer "My Chest Can Also Be Used as a Flotation Device" Hudson presents the award to... Javier Bardem. Poor Hal! I heart you, Hal! 9:11: Cate "What the Hell Are You Wearing?" Blanchett presents best set design to Sweeney Todd! It was amazing, but really I just want the camera to go back to Johnny Depp for a while. He's pretty. 9:07: We think the Rock used to juice... allegedly... and that there's no reason he should be here. He's presenting best visual effects to The Golden Compass. They're very excited. It's cute. 9:02: Oscar-memories moment with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. We're all gagging over their happiness. Is that wrong? 9:00: Amy Adams is precious, but the song is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. 8:59: Best makeup design goes to La Vie en Rose. 8:53: Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway do some schtick about documentaries... and then Anne reminds Steve that they are presenting for best animated feature. Steve almost has a coronary on stage. I love him, but that schtick is old. Ratatouille wins. Shocker. 8:48: George Clooney's history of the Oscars with Celine Dion's awful "My Heart Will Go On" just goes on and on.... The montage is actually awesomely funny and a tad moving. Shut up, Celine! 8:41: First award! Jennifer Garner, who needs a bobby pin, is awarding the Oscar for best costume design. It goes to Alexandra Byrne from Elizabeth: The Golden Age. That woman deserves an Oscar for shortest speech! 8:30: And we're off! Jon Stewart opens with "I can't believe you're here." Neither can we, but we're happy that Jon can make Vanity Fair squirm about canceling a party because of the writers when no writers are ever invited to that par-tay. Jon is cracking some pretty light-weight political jokes. The audience is only half with him. Typical, boring, Oscar audience. Although the "Gay-dolph Titler" joke was awesome. 7:45: Hello and welcome to the 80th Annual Academy Awards live blog from TVGuide.com and me, Erin Fox. Are you fired up? As fired up as Gary Busey was on the red carpet as he accosted Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Garner? I think Jen imploded as he grabbed her and kissed her neck. She might have been turned into a vampire by Busey's bite. We shall see. So far the red carpet attire has been pretty... red. Lots and lots of red. Ellen Page looks dowdy (darn, cuz she's adorable). More fashion later... 15 minutes to go! Inside TVGuide.com's Oscars special: " A continually updated list of winners and nominees " A series of fab photo galleries " Watch videos of red-carpet interviews " Maitland and Ken reveal their picks to grab gold " And, of course, this awesome live Oscars blog!