Forget Joey Lawrence and his adorable brethren. When it comes to brotherly love, the Stults boys have cornered the market. At a recent autograph signing in New York City, George and Geoff — who play Kevin and Ben on 7th Heaven — proved they're inseparable. But they're not immune to a little sibling rivalry!

"[Geoff] is my baby brother," George tells TV Guide Online. "So if he gets in my way, I can kick his ass!" Still, the spokesmodel for Liz Claiborne's Bora Bora cologne doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with his sib. He happily brought Geoff onstage to greet the crowd of fragrance fans at Macy's Herald Square — the perfect time for Geoff to poke fun at George's shirtless photos.

"His [chest hair] is all drawn in," he jokes. "It's all airbrushed. That's actually my stomach they used!"

The brothers have both enjoyed the sweet smell of success since joining the WB's top-rated drama as love interests for the Camden sisters. Their newfound stardom's been a bit overwhelming, though. "I'm just so shocked," George admits. "I didn't realize 7th Heaven's fan base is so incredible."

Initially, they faced the daunting task of filling in for resident hunk Barry Watson, following the actor's departure from the drama last season. Fortunately, they've managed to keep the show's sexiness quotient intact. As George modestly explains: "Everyone says he's the handsome, manlier guy, and I'm the cuter, pretty boy." Well, at least there's something for everyone.