Just when fans thought 7th Heaven's hunk quotient was slumping — heartthrob Barry Watson is leaving at the end of the season — a tasty new piece of eye candy has come along.

Last Monday, single Camden gals Lucy and Mary (played by Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel) found romance on a trip to Buffalo. Turns out, Mary's firefighter beau Ben (Geoff Stults) had a brother named Kevin who was perfect for her sister Lucy. But the real coincidence here is that the siblings are kin in real life too!

"When [Geoff] came in to read for the part, he told us that he had a brother," recalls exec producer Brenda Hampton. "So after we had Geoff on the show for a few episodes and we liked him, we called in his brother, George Stults, just to see what he was like. And we loved him!

"Beverley Mitchell and George Stults have this great on-camera chemistry," Hampton adds. "Lucy and Kevin are just a match made in heaven, so we plan on keeping him a long time."

That's good news, considering Lucy will need to fill the void left when Biel's Mary departs the show next season. Sadly, the dueling sisters were just starting to get along. Says Hampton: "As they've gotten older, they both find themselves with more things in common. While they've had this rivalry growing up, I think that goes away and, as you get older, you find the joys of sisterhood." Too bad it wasn't sooner!