7th Heaven is going to be hell next season for fans of Barry Watson. The actor — who has portrayed twentysomething cutie Matt Camden since the WB drama's debut six years ago — is calling it quits.

"My contract's up this year, so it doesn't look like I'm coming back," Watson confides to TV Guide Online. "I just need a break from Camdenland."

A WB spokesperson confirms Watson's impending exit, but holds out hope that he'll stick around on a recurring basis. For his part, Watson admits he'd prefer to make a clean break from the series. "I know they'd like me to come back, but I don't know," he hedges. "We'll see what happens down the road."

The 27-year-old's post-Heaven career may ascend to the stratosphere this weekend when theaters unspool his gender-bending farce, Sorority Boys. In the film, Watson, comedian Harland Williams and Smallville's Michael Rosenbaum play fraternity brothers who dress in drag in order to get into a sorority house.

Of the three, Watson boasts, "I was the pretty one." So pretty, in fact, that he has his own nude scene! (Audiences can glimpse the actor's bare bottom in a steamy shower sequence.) Embarrassed, he laments, "I don't really have a butt. I've got, like, extended legs. I remember telling [the producers], 'You guys are going to need to get a butt double. People are just going to see the back of me with a crack.'"