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7 Things You Should Remember Before Yellowstone Season 5

There's been a major rift in the Dutton family.

Lauren Piester

Finally, it's time to get back to the ranch. Yellowstone Season 5 is just days away from premiering, and while the Paramount Network hit didn't leave us on nearly as horrifying a cliffhanger as it did at the end of Season 3, there is plenty of excitement to be found. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is the governor! How's that for exciting? Of course, there's a lot of family drama scattered around the ranch, lying in wait while John obsesses over how to protect Montana's land, and it all starts with that horrifying attack that launched Season 4. 

Nearly all of the Duttons were in danger, chased by assassins intent on wiping the family out. While they all survived with varying levels of injury and PTSD, the attack sent the Duttons on a season-long hunt for whoever planned it, with most eyes on Jamie (Wes Bentley). Jamie's loyalty to the Duttons had been in question ever since he met his real biological father Garrett (who claimed he had only murdered Jamie's biological mother because she was an abusive addict, so he's a great guy), so it wasn't the worst assumption. In the end, it was close, but not totally correct, and it changed the course of Montana politics for the foreseeable future. Instead of the politician son getting sworn in as was always the plan, his adopted dad has taken his spot, and potentially his future. 

Before you see all that play out, here's a few things you might want to remember as Yellowstone heads into Season 5. 

1. Jamie's Dad Did It 

In an effort to rid the world of the family he saw as evil, Garrett Randall, who raised Jamie for approximately three months of his entire life, put out a hit on the Duttons. When Jamie discovered this, he shot Garrett in the head. Beth (Kelly Reilly) witnessed him dealing with the body, which essentially means she owns him forever. 

2. Jamie Was Supposed to Be Governor 

The whole plan was that Jamie would get Governor Perry's endorsement and become governor, with the ability to make all of John's dreams come true. But when it became clear that Jamie was no longer the devil they knew, plans changed. Governor Perry jokingly offered to endorse John instead, he accepted, and Jamie now works for John and Beth, both of whom pretty much hate him. Naturally, he's pretty bitter! 

3. Airports, Resorts, and Casinos = Bad 

Market Equities and Chief Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) still have big plans to transform the valley into a money-making vacation destination, with an airport, resort, and a casino on the way, and John remains very much against those plans. Neither side is budging, so even though John has just been given a heck of an upper hand, this is not a war that will soon end. 

Yellowstone: Season 5
Yellowstone: Season 5

4. Rip and Beth Are Married 

Beth's been made an honest woman by long-time love Rip (Cole Hauser), even if she did have to kidnap a priest, and even if she was wearing the skimpy dress she used for a fake conjugal visit at a prison. But those details aren't important. What is important is that Rip and Beth are husband and wife, and they are the ultimate power couple of the Yellowstone ranch.

5. Carter is NOT Rip and Beth's Adopted Son (But He Also Kind of Is)

Rip and Beth may be all the orphaned teen Carter (Finn Little) has got, and they may both have instincts to raise him as their son, but he better not call Beth mom. He is simply an employee of the ranch who Beth sometimes takes shopping, or at least that was the vibe for most of Season 4. Eventually, Beth had to admit that maybe Carter really is their kid, and maybe they can actually be a sort of happy little family in the big house. 

6. Monica Is Pregnant 

As Kayce (Luke Grimes) continues his never-ending fight between caring for his family and being loyal to the ranch, he's got yet another reason to consider a quieter life. Just months after Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Tate (Brecken Merrill) were traumatized by the attack, Monica is expecting another baby, and Kayce is pondering "the end" of his family that he saw in his vision quest. Is the baby a new beginning for Kayce and Monica, or another reason to fear the Dutton legacy? Only time will tell. 

7. Jimmy Is No Longer Trouble, Mostly 

After falling off of a horse and nearly getting himself killed, Jimmy (Jefferson White) was sent to the Four Sixes ranch in Texas, where they are apparently great at raising both horses and cowboys. He returned a different man, with a new fiancee (thank god) and a whole new attitude. He also planned to return to the Four Sixes, and while White is still a series regular in Season 5, it feels likely that he'll head over to the 6666 spinoff whenever it arrives. 

Yellowstone Seasons 1-4 are now streaming on Peacock.