Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable

If you thought The Drake wasn't a safe place to live before, just wait until you check out the new 666 Park Avenue clip in which more than one resident's life hangs in the balance.

When Jane (Rachael Taylor) and Henry (Dave Annable) moved into the ABC drama's titular address, surely they didn't expect to lose their lives, but that's exactly what may be the cost of living there as seen in a new clip shown at Comic-Con in New York on Sunday.

And it looks like the Midwestern couple aren't the only ones we should be worried about. Even Olivia (Vanessa Williams) seems to have gotten on the wrong side of Gavin (Terry O'Quinn). Will any of The Drake's residents survive? Check out the sneak peek below and hit the comments with your thoughts.

666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.