Andy Rooney Andy Rooney

60 Minutes paid tribute to Andy Rooney one day after the longtime commentator died after complications from minor surgery.

Morley Safer led the segment, which included highlights from Rooney's 33-year-career at the TV newsmagazine and an interview Safer did with Rooney.

Andy Rooney dies at 92

Safer called Rooney "America's grouch-in-chief" and America's watchdog as he looked back on Rooney's career before 60 Minutes — like his time writing for Arthur Godfrey's show.

Safer also covered the ups and downs of Rooney's 60 Minutes tenure. High points included his impassioned coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing and the Iraq war; one of the low points: his suspension in 1990 over "questionable observations" he made about race and sexuality.

In the end, Safer said Rooney "truly had a wonderful life" — an opinion shared by Rooney. When asked by Safer what he would do if he could come back and do life over again, Rooney said he would try to get on 60 Minutes and do a piece of his own every week.