Oprah Winfrey began her 60 Minutes tenure by trying to bridge the deep political divide in America by bringing Trump and non-Trump voters together in a focus group. The initial conversation last September accurately depicted how difficult reaching across the aisle is in our current political climate, but didn't do much to actually bring the two groups together.

Now Oprah is reuniting the group to see how much has changed over the past five months. This Sunday, Feb. 18, 60 Minutes will check in with the 14 divided folks to see if they've been able to make headway in their thinking, or at least find some common ground to come together over. The first preview of the segment actually makes it look very hopeful that liberals and conservatives can somehow find a way to get along.

On the less optimistic side, 60 Minutes anchor Margaret Brennan sits down with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who says that military action against Syria is still possible if they do not cease using chemical weapons against its own citizens.

"We are serious about our demands that chemical weapons not become regularized or normalized as a weapon in any conflict," Tillerson says.

He will also expand on what he means by Russia having "special responsibilities" when it comes to stopping Syria from using these weapons.

60 Minutes airs at 7/6c on Sunday on CBS.

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