K-Fed makes the list as a "serial sperminator." (Denise Truscello/WireImage) K-Fed makes the list as a "serial sperminator." (Denise Truscello/WireImage)
Top 50 Dumbest Celebs in Hollywood If someone asked you to list off the dumbest stars in Tinseltown, you probably wouldn't even know where to begin considering the massive laundry list for this year alone. Well, leave it to the New York Daily News to come out with a list of the 50 dumbest stars in the sky. Whoever said nothing good would come of posing nude, creating drunken havoc in a Walgreens or, our favorite, being a "serial sperminator"? Watch it now!

Janice Dickinson's 12 Days of Christmas Granted, this video was made to promote last season's Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency as opposed to tonight's third-season premiere, but we couldn't resist sharing her performance of "The 12 Days of Christmas," done in that special way that only Janice could pull off. We won't take it from the top, but let's just say she was lucky enough get some lovely gifts from her true love - like, say, her three former husbands, two large breasts and a fledgling modeling agency. Victoria's Secret Fashion Airs Tonight It's that time of year again! You know when all those über-sexy Victoria's Secret models strut their stuff down the catwalk for the annual fashion show (and always manage to support ridiculously oversized wings, tails and the like on their backs without tipping over). This year you're in for a treat because there'll be tunes from Seal (with wifey Heidi Klum), a Spice Girls reunion and more. Watch it now! Jennifer Lopez's Brand-new Music Video Looks like mama-to-be JLo isn't letting a little baby bump keep her from staying busy at work. In her newest video, "Hold It, Don't Drop It," the second single off her Brave album, Lopez goes silver chic, complete with the matching lipstick and nails. After watching the sexy singer rock out in this video, you may find it hard to believe that there's bun in her oven! Watch it now! Beauty and the Geek to Choose Winner Alas, the fourth installment of this "social experiment" is coming to a close and tonight we'll see crowned one of the remaining oh-so-mismatched couple as winners (winners who are $250,000 richer, mind you). It's sad there can only be one winning pair considering we've had some interesting (to say the least) characters this time around, but fear not, because everyone will be returning for big ole reality reunion. Watch it now! For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!