Starz, fast becoming a cable powerhouse thanks in part to 50 Cent's Power, announced earlier this week that it's moving ahead with another series from the rapper-writer-actor: Tomorrow, Today.

Tomorrow, Today follows a superhero — a veteran from a criminally-minded family on Chicago's notoriously rough South Side — who's falsely imprisoned and gains powers after a demented doctor runs experiments on him. When he gets out, he's on the run and has to use his new skills for good.

Starz announces vigilante series from 50 Cent

There's no premiere date yet, but Tomorrow, Today already has four writers in place according to 50, including Anthony Cipriano, the writer and producer who created A&E's Bates Motel. What the show doesn't have just yet is a leading man in place, but 50 knows who he wants.

"I like Wood Harris," 50 Cent told in an exclusive interview. "I want to work with Wood." Nothing is set in stone with the actor, known for playing Avon Barksdale in The Wire as well as turns in films Remember the Titans and Creed. But 50 thinks he has special qualifications. "They haven't shown Chicago as it is. Wood is from Chicago. He's at home with it, he's going to be bringing people he can draw from... the culture there is a very special culture. It's not Los Angeles or New York City."

Wood HarrisWood Harris

50 also likes Mos Def, whose credits include Monster's Ball and Dexter. There's just one tiny snag with casting him though: the rapper and actor — who now goes by the name Yasiin Bey — remains mired in legal trouble since being detained in South Africa earlier this year on charges he used an invalid passport and had been in the country illegally. But far be it from 50 Cent to let a little thing like international law to get in his way. "We gonna get him out of South Africa," 50 said with a laugh and flash of his trademark smile.

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And if all that wasn't enough to keep 50 Cent busy, he's got even more in mind. He said he'll be bringing his saga on the B.M.F. — the true story of the famous Black Mafia Family drug cartel 50 Cent was previously developing into a feature film — to Starz too. The B.M.F. story, about two brothers who raked in over $200 million before going to federal prison — promises to be a fascinating glimpse into a real-life true-crime story that spans decades and several states.

"It's so many people involved," 50 said. "We have so much true [stories]... People know the surface parts, but what makes the [drug dealers] become that? That's more interesting to me than the actual outcome."