NBC's 30 Rock has had some impressive guest stars thus far, including Al Gore, Edie Falco, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Stritch, Carrie Fisher, David Schwimmer and Andy Richter. Now you can add to that list New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who will exercise his comedic muscles in the highly anticipated first post-strike episode airing April 10.

Dean Winters, who plays Liz's lame "Beeper King" ex-boyfriend, tells New York Magazine that he alone shot the scene with Bloomberg. The mayor was "fun" and "cool," says Winters. "And he's a natural. I think you have to be, to be mayor of New York." Indeed, Bloomberg plays himself in a scene shot at City Hall.

Who have been your favorite 30 Rock guest stars? Do you think Bloomberg will bring the funny? - Erin Fox

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