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It's the beginning of the end of TGS as 30 Rock kicks off its seventh and final season tonight on NBC (8/7c). "I feel like I want it to be happy for these people and how they end up," says creator and star Tina Fey, who gave TV Guide Magazine the scoop on what to expect before the big goodbye.

TV Guide Magazine: How does it feel to be heading into your final season?
Tina Fey:
It's great to be back at work and see the crew and cast. We're so close now.

TV Guide Magazine: So what do you have in store?
There are going to be big changes for all of us. Jack [Alec Baldwin] is now divorced, so there are going to be a lot of ladies. And they will all be beautiful.

TV Guide Magazine: What about Liz and Criss' baby plans?
At the beginning of the season, they're trying to conceive [and] she finally begins to enjoy sexual behavior. Because when you're trying to get pregnant, you have to really organize it and chart out the best times — there's a lot of drudgery involved — so she's like, "I finally found what I love about [sex]...going to Staples and buying large calendars." There's a whole 9 ½ Weeks thing with me and James Marsden at a Staples.

TV Guide Magazine: Better than Kenneth and Hazel!
Oh, Kenneth [Jack McBrayer] and Hazel [Kristen Schaal] are now living together in a nonsexual thing. He's saving himself for marriage and she's saving herself for someone hotter. And Jenna [Jane Krakowski] wants to have a surprise wedding like a big celebrity. So we don't know when or where it will be...we just have to be ready at all times.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you ready for all of this to end?
It's going to be very emotional. We've had a great seven years, and I want to leave the characters while we still love them.

TV Guide Magazine: You've always joked about the show's survival...
Fey: I still remember the look of disappointment on [NBC's former CEO] Jeff Zucker's face when we won the 2008 Golden Globe. He looked so bummed out, like, "Oh, God, now I can't cancel it!"

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