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Kim Jong-Il's death has sent the 30 Rock writers' room into a frenzy.

Last season, Jack's wife Avery (Elizabeth Banks) was kidnapped in North Korea while on assignment, and forced to marry Jong-Il's son. Executive producer Robert Carlock says Jong-Il's death will eventually be addressed, but not until later in the season.

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"We sort of went back to the script, because we'd already shot eight or nine episodes, and we realized that luckily we hadn't referred to Kim Jong-Il by name yet — just to North Korea in general," Carlock told US Weekly. "We can't go back and address the changes there, but the fun puzzle is turning around and trying to figure out how to get her out of there and how to continue things."

Carlock says they're looking at the possibility of having Margaret Cho reprise her role as North Korea's late leader, who died in December. "Maybe we'll have to have Margaret Cho showing up again having faked her death, because she wants to get a gig on a morning talk show," he said.