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This season on 24, Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) isn't just sitting back at the computer anymore. Rajskub tells TVGuide.com that Chloe will take matters into her own hands. She also discusses the possible grim future for Chloe, Dana's dirty little secret and which femme fatale her character will be teaming up with.

24's Chloe has a new nemesis

TVGuide.com: What do you think makes this season of 24 stand out?
I definitely think there's stuff that's the same about 24 [each season], but that's the beauty of 24 — that you know the components. The writers work very hard making the stuff different. The characters have evolved. They find different ways to have all these differences in the characters. Although there's a terrorist plot, it's how the plot unfolds. I really love the peace-talk plot that's happening. That parallels what's happening in real life and that's an interesting concept.

TVGuide.com: Chloe stepped into a leadership role in the premiere. Will that continue this season?
Yeah, and I think that's what's cool about 24. ... When you watch Chloe from the beginning, she's very much by the rules. Now, after all that she's been through, she's having to stand behind her own convictions and be a little pushy about it.

TVGuide.com: Chloe seems already suspicious about what's going on with Dana (Katee Sackhoff). What will we find out?
It's just getting really interesting. In the next few episodes, there's going to be some pretty twisted stuff happening. Honestly, you can't really grasp what's going on with her for many episodes, and we're all just trying to do our own stuff. Although I give her a look and we suspect [something], it doesn't really come out for a while.

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TVGuide.com: Would we be on the right track to think there's some sort of Bonnie and Clyde dynamic with Dana and her ex?
Oh, interesting. I do wonder why she gave him the key. That's not a good sign. She is still is weak for him on some level.

TVGuide.com: Will Chloe return to the field this season?
I do get some really good action. It's not like I'm outside running through the jungle or anything, but I do take matters into my own hands at some point.

TVGuide.com: Will she continue to butt heads with Renee (Annie Wersching) this season?
Her and Renee join together a little bit. Not in the way you're thinking [Laughs]. It's already been shown that Renee is kind of nuts, but I will say that there is a support system down the line between Renee and Jack and Chloe.

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TVGuide.com: With Chloe taking things into her own hands, would she ever torture anyone?
I don't think so. Killing someone, sure. But could you see Chloe being able to torture someone? No. I think to be torturing someone, you have to cross a line. ... I don't think Chloe is to that point yet. If 24 is on for 10 more years, then yes, she will be torturing people.

TVGuide.com: Do you feel you guys are heading towards a series finale?
I have no idea. We've been wondering that all year. Every day I go to work, we wonder if we're going next year. Right now, I've only read Episode 19 and 20, so I'll be really curious to see what happens.

TVGuide.com: There are higher stakes this year, especially if it turns out to be the last season. Are you ever worried that Chloe might be killed?
Oh, I don't worry about it. I hope that it will be something really, really cool if she gets killed. I hope that she isn't. It's really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I'll play her as long as I'm able to.

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TVGuide.com: Will Jack make it to the plane at the end of the season to go back to Los Angeles?
I hope he does, but I'm a softy. I like romantic comedies. I want there to be a happy ending.

Do you want to see a happy ending?

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