Elisha Cuthbert courtesy After Dark Films Elisha Cuthbert courtesy After Dark Films

Come mid-July - Friday the 13th, in fact - the latest salvo in the "torture-porn" genre hits theaters, though for a moment there, it was questionable whether Captivity would ever see the dark of the moviehouse. In March, MPAA-unauthorized ads for the flick leaked out, drawing more than a little controversy for their depiction of Elisha Cuthbert in assorted states of grisly distress. Appearing Thursday at the Times Square Planet Hollywood to immortalize her handprints in cement, Cuthbert told TVGuide.com she was "actually shocked" by the outcry, "because a lot of films out right now, like [the] Saw and Hostel [series], have sort of 'raised the bar' as far as the genre goes." That said, she readily admits the controversy is of "the good kind that goes along with a horror film."

I then steered the topic to 24, which, with what is rumored to be a mostly CTU-free "new day" coming up, may call for Kim Bauer's return, should Jack be desperate for a lifeline. "I'll be waiting by the phone, I'm ready whenever they are!" Cuthbert declared with a smile. "I love the show so much."