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24: Legacy: Is Donovan's Campaign Being Sabotaged from Within?

Plus: Who died?

Liz Raftery

It only took two episodes for 24: Legacyto claim its first fairly major casualty, with poor virtuous high school student Drew (Zayne Emory) biting the dust Monday night, felled when his own chemistry teacher slammed the back of his head into the classroom floor.

Drew had the unfortunate luck of walking in on said teacher, Mr. Harris, in a rather, um, compromising position with Drew's off-again on-again secret terrorist girlfriend, Amira (Kathryn Prescott). Drew's a smart one, so it didn't take him long to put two and two together and realize that Mr. Harris was the mystery man Amira had been texting to plan an attack on the school, but the teen ended up paying the ultimate price for blurting out that knowledge.

And we finally know how Amira and Mr. Harris (who is apparently going along with her plan because he's out for revenge after rumors about his inappropriate involvement with students cost him his marriage) are connected to the main plot: They're one of the 15 to 20 sleeper cells whose information is listed on the drive Ben Grimes (Charlie Hofheimer) stole from Bin-Khalid's compound, lying in wait until they're activated by Bin-Khalid's son, who's determined to see his father's mission to completion.

Will 24's Nadia return for 24: Legacy?

Here's what went down with the other major plots on Monday's episode:

Eric Carter

Eric (Corey Hawkins) gets a call from Ben demanding $2 million from the government in exchange for the drive, and he wants it within the hour, otherwise he's going to take the offer to Bin-Khalid's people. Eric asks his brother Isaac (Ashley Thomas) for the money, and Isaac says he doesn't have it but a local police precinct would, after a huge recent drug bust. Being a black man, Eric doesn't have to do much to attract the attention of some cops, so once he's brought to the station he finagles his way into the evidence room and gathers the money. Unfortunately, in the process, he loses contact with Rebecca (Miranda Otto) because...

Jimmy Smits, 24: Legacy


...at CTU, Rebecca has tied Keith (Teddy Sears) up in an interrogation room and fills him in on the rangers' murders, also telling him that he's one of only three possible people who could have given up their identities. With Andy's (Dan Bucatinsky) help, Rebecca discovers that the security code that was used to access their information was -- gasp! -- actually hers, and that it came from a computer in her husband's campaign headquarters, belonging to none other than -- gasp again! -- his campaign manager, Nilaa (Sheila Vand). More on her later, because no sooner does Rebecca find this out than Keith busts in with some cops and has Andy and Rebecca taken into custody. Seems that the cops became involved when a field agent named Tom (Bailey Chase) -- who also appears to be a former flame(?) of Andy's -- shows up for a meeting with Mullins and Mariana (Coral Pena) tells him something fishy has been going on.

Donovan's campaign

At John's (Jimmy Smits) big fundraiser that Rebecca's missing because of the mess at CTU, the senator's overbearing father (Gerald McRaney) shares with him some troubling news: He's gotten wind of a forthcoming attack ad that shows Nilaa attending a mosque whose radical imam is known for his anti-American views. When John confronts Nilaa about it, she tells him she went there as a student, but only to protest against what the imam was preaching. She offers to resign but John doesn't accept it -- and her explanation seems sincere; however, this is before we learn that her computer was the one that accessed the information about Carter, Grimes and all the others.

Isaac and Nicole

At Isaac's house, Nicole (Anna Diop) can tell that his girlfriend Aisha (Tiffany Hines) is less than thrilled about their new houseguest. But Isaac tells her that he and Aisha have been having problems, and once he completes a lucrative deal that she's set up for him with some Dominicans, he's going to kick her to the curb. Unfortunately, Aisha overhears this entire conversation, and returns the favor by making out with Isaac's friend/business partner, and calling her Dominican contact to inform him that she could offer him a better deal on her own were Isaac to somehow mysteriously drop out of the picture. Hell hath no fury!

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.