Though Fox's upcoming reboot 24: Legacy will stick to the same ticking-clock action format of its predecessor, the show will also focus on telling diverse character stories — starting with its leading man Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins).

24 was notable for featuring a black president, David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert); but its main hero was Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), a white man. Now, having a person of color at the center of the narrative rather than on the outskirts is allowing 24: Legacy to branch out and explore a kind of storytelling that wasn't seen in the first iteration.

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"I think it speaks more to the social climate that we're in today," star Anna Diop, who plays Eric's wife Nicole, told at the Television Critics Association winter previews earlier this month. "With Eric being a black man, we see him kind of deal with things in this season that he's dealing with because he's a black man. So I think it just speaks to a lot of the realities of people of color, gay people. I think it just speaks more to where we are."

24: Legacy premieres Sunday, Feb. 5 on Fox after the Super Bowl.