This winter, Fox is bringing back 24 with a new series and a new star: Corey Hawkins.

On 24: Legacy, Hawkins stars as Eric Carter, an ex-special ops soldier who teams up with the CTU to stop one of the largest terrorist attacks on American soil. But unlike Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who was the director of the CTU, Eric is attempting to adjust to his new civilian life and put his life as a soldier behind him when 24: Legacy picks up — a key difference, Hawkins says, that separates Eric from his 24 predecessor.

"He has his American dream. He has his white picket fence, his beautiful wife, his support system. But there something missing," the actor told Monday at the show's Paley Center event in New York City. "And so you get to wrestle with that. He gets to wrestle with making morally questionable choices. And the rules are different on the home front. He's used to be a soldier overseas."

However, Hawkins does acknowledge many similarities between Eric and Jack, particularly when it comes to just how far they'll go to get the job done. "They're both patriots and they're both mission-oriented guys. And they would do anything to save their family, their country and themselves," Hawkins says.

24: Legacy premieres Sunday, Feb. 5 after the Super Bowl on Fox. It then moves to its regular time on Monday, Feb. 6 at 8/7c.