Just got off the phone with my 24 mole and he/she informs me that Eric Balfour has signed on to reprise his Season 1 role as independent CTU contractor Milo Pressman. My spy wouldn't say how Milo would be re-introduced, but he'll be sticking around for a while: Balfour will be credited as a series regular. (If you need a refresher on who Milo is, click here.)

In other 24 news, former Star Trek: Deep Space Nine doc Alexander Siddig is joining the cast as one of the evildoers behind the big Season 6 plot. Additionally, Carlo Rota (aka Mr. Chloe O'Brian) will be back as a series regular.

And now, in completely unrelated news, a rep for CBS' new Thursday-night drama Shark confirms that James Woods has had a death in the family and production has been temporarily halted.

That's all the scoop that's fit to print. For now.