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The new 24 trailer is totally awesome! I seriously can't wait for Season 7. I'm in urgent need of some scoop to satisfy this 24 craving of mine! — Jack
First off, how much do I doubt your name is actually Jack? Too coincidental. But yeah, the new trailer is very much awesome — especially when Bauer tells you-know-who, "I will kill you, and you'll stay dead this time." Speaking of resurrections, the trailer also suggests to me that someone who I thought I saw die in the prequel movie (coming to you Nov. 23) has somehow been granted a second life. Interesting.

Can we expect anything of substance regarding the rest of the Without a Trace cast beyond the Jack and Samantha storyline? — Jennifer
Boy, do I have good news for you, Jen. An upcoming episode will deal head-on with Danny and Elena taking their relationship public. Martin, too, will find love, but not without its complications. Marianne Jean Baptiste, who plays Vivian, will direct an episode.

So far, this new CSI, Riley, is spending a lot of time alongside Greg. Please tell me they're not going to be a couple. — Rachel
Let's go to one of the people best qualified to field that one: CSI newcomer Lauren Lee Smith. When I asked her if Riley's teamwork with Greg might evolve into something "more," she responded (with an infectious laugh), "Oh my god, I really hope not!" Rather, she says, "The chemistry between Eric [Szmanda, Greg] and I is very sort of 'brother-sister.' It's always more interesting when they keep it platonic."

I would love some scoop pertaining to either Law & Order or Law & Order: Criminal Intent, since they both return in early November. — Kristi
Well, since Criminal Intent has been pushed back to January, you'll have to wait until then to see Janel Moloney's Emmy-worthy work as a wayward preacher's wife. In the meantime, Law & Order overlord Dick Wolf promises fireworks on the 19th season premiere (airing Wednesday, Nov. 5, at 10 pm/ET), when Cutter and McCoy have a significant difference of opinion about the definition of the word "terrorism."

When will the NCIS storyline in which Special Agent Michelle Lee got that ominous phone call be resolved? — Claudia
Good question, great timing. That juicy story will be picked up on Nov. 11, when Liza Lapira resurfaces for several episodes as Michelle Lee, who, if flashbacks are to be believed, is secretly a killer.

Is it true they're killing Shannen Doherty off 90210 with some illness? Say it ain't so. I will boycott the CW if they dare go there. — Lee
Right now the buzz is that Doherty will be back for two more episodes, one of them to possibly be directed by Jason Priestley. I'm also hearing some health-related rumblings, but not necessarily about Brenda. And they don't involve death — quite the opposite, in fact.

Are they kicking A.J. [Buckley] off CSI: NY, or Adam out of the lab? That would be devastating, especially so soon after they added him to the main cast. — Chris
Oh, Chris, you fell for a classic case of MPT - Misleading Promo Tease. Tune in this week to see how his "They're letting me go" scene really plays out.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Stephen Root as a gay vampire on True Blood. How many episodes will he be in? — Erin
As was I. I had one of those "Oh, it's that guy" moments during his sex romp/bloodletting with Lafayette. HBO is mum on Root's future participation on the series, but ask yourself this: Can vampires "die"?

I heard that James Van der Beek will be returning to his Dawson's Creek stomping grounds to play a director on One Tree Hill. Will there be any fun inside jokes? — Becca
When Chad Michael Murray stopped by for this video Q&A, I asked him if JVdB is, in fact, playing wannabe filmmaker Dawson. But he is not. (The character's name is Dixon.) As for "inside jokes," sources tell me there is an "interesting subtext" to watch for in the Lucas-Dixon scenes.

I have fallen head over heels for Pushing Daisies! I was wondering if you could fill me in on what you think the chances might be of this show actually getting the boot? I hope that they are slim. — Brooke
Me too, Brooke! But unfortunately, TV networks are generally not in the habit of rewarding shows for losing viewers, which is exactly what Daisies has done since its Oct. 1 premiere (save for a small bump on Obamamercial night). That said, everyone I talk to about the show is still all hearts and flowers about its future. Keep an eye patch out for an upcoming ep that delves into the shadowy underworld of Lily and Vivian's past as the Darling Mermaid Darlings.

There is a rumor about William Hurt getting fired from Damages. Is this true? — Candy
Nope, not by a long-shot. Hurt is still happily taping his Season 2 arc, and everyone loves the guy, my sources tell me. What is true is that Hurt's scenes, by all accounts, are dynamo stuff, making the wait for January 2009 all the more painful. But hey, did you catch the trailer that ran last weekend's SNL

I know Kristin Kreuk is slated to return to Smallville for five episodes. Is there a chance she could do more than that? — Deep
I would sooner bet on McCain initiating and succeeding with a recount. But if you're looking for an official answer, here is what the CW has to say: "At this time, Kristin is confirmed for five episodes." 

Can you tell me some info about what will happen during next season's Greek? — Dolly
Hopefully you caught my recent Q&A with Scott Michael Foster (no relation to Chad Michael Murray), who revealed some of what's to come for Cappie. Also see if this floats your boat: Casey's other ex, Evan, has a big story ahead of him — and he's getting an older brother, to be played by Step Up 2 stud Robert Hoffman

Matt's Mega Rave: GLAAD may be "disheartened," but this Grey's Anatomy fan is thrilled to see the Erica-Callie romance put out of its misery. What was touted over the summer as being daring and informed in its exploration of someone's coming out instead too often played on-screen as awkward, devoid of chemistry and titillating purely for titillation's sake (Mark knows Callie's bits better than she does?). Kudos to Shonda Rhimes for taking a precise scalpel to this romance.

Mickey's Mini-Rant: Meanwhile, over on Gossip Girl, it's Jenny and Nate (Chace Crawford = human Sominex) whose fledgling relationship makes me cringe.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Hey, CW: Quit when you get to Models, Inc." (Chappy Quiddick, on the netlet's plan to reboot Melrose Place à la 90210)

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