UPDATE: It was a close race, but the Supernatural family beat some serious competition and officially won our Best Fandom of 2018 competition by racking up the most retweets and likes on TV Guide's Twitter account:

It didn't hurt that the CW show's own Misha Collins got in on the action:

Well deserved, and thanks to everyone for participating!

PREVIOUSLY: 2018 is coming to a close, and in the spirit of reflection and listicles, we rounded up the best, worst and most unforgettable moments in TV. Now, in the spirit of giving, we're turning it over to the people and letting you decide one important Best of 2018 category for us: Best Fandom.

All year, we've heard your excitement for your beloved shows across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and now it's time to make your enthusiasm count. We've identified 14 TV fandoms, from Arrow to Wynonna Earp in this Twitter thread:

All you have to do now is vote for your favorite hive by retweeting and liking the corresponding show's tweet. Easy, right? You got this. May the best fandom win!