John Krasinski and Amy Poehler John Krasinski and Amy Poehler

What we love about the Screen Actors Guild Awards is that it's short and sweet. Two hours. No host, no fuss, no crazy schticks. So in true SAG fashion, here is our short and sweet list of the top moments from the 15th Screen Actors Guild Awards broadcast. Check them out and tell us yours!

7. Mad Appeal: Jon Hamm, speaking on behalf of the cast for Mad Men's ensemble win, thanked the show's "dozens of viewers." It's not too late, guys.

6. Isn't It Ironic moment: The very soft-spoken Forest Whitaker presenting the Life Achievement Award to James Earl Jones, who, well, we know what his voice is like.

5. Awesomely Awkward: Claire Danes presenting ensemble comedy cast in which Mary-Louise Parker was nominated for Weeds. Why is it awkward? Parker was pregnant when baby daddy Billy Crudup left her for Danes in 2003.

4. Most In Need of a History Lesson: Ernest Borgnine referencing John Adams' Laura Linney's portrayal of former first lady Abigail James.

3. Don't take this lightly, Calista Flockhart: Jane Krakowski saying her years on Ally McBeal were great, but she loves being on 30 Rock, where the cast is "a thousand times heavier."

2. Most Observant: "I noticed that the two statues have rather healthy packages." — Lead Actor winner Sean Penn (Milk) on the bare Actor statuettes.

1. Best Dramedy: While presenting drama TV actress, Amy Poehler tells John Krasinski she wants to "be serious for once." So, off they go into a very intense "fight." Some highlights: Krasinski: "I swear to god, if you keep pushing me away, next time I will not come back!" Poehler: "Fine, leave and take your broken dreams with you!" Krasinski: "Why do you have to ruin everything?!?!" Poehler: "Because it's all I know!" We must ask: Was this inspired by Revolutionary Road?

What were the top moments for you?