Robert Knepper, Isaiah Washington and Kyle Chandler Robert Knepper, Isaiah Washington and Kyle Chandler

CAPRICORN Dec. 22–Jan. 20
Interested in impossibly strange or exotic people? Maybe, but does the answer lie in Palm Beach or Paris or Singapore? Although it doesn’t get rid of your un­certainty about the future, it’s important to explore the world and stay mentally stimulated. Don’t listen to too much advice or live too much in your own head, though, or you’ll lose touch with the fact that, in the end, the answer is right around the corner.
Confidential to Masi Oka (Dec. 27, Heroes): Even though you think you have only five more minutes to get what you want, the fact is you haven’t even come into your power yet. This will begin to happen a year from now, so don’t be in such a rush. Relationships? That’s definitely another story.

AQUARIUS Jan. 21–Feb. 19
Life at the edge is a trip, all right. It keeps the adrena­line pumping, the heart pounding and the creative juices flowing. There’s nothing like a touch of dan­ger or passion to give you a charge you can’t get any other way. But don’t spend too much time worrying about being sexy. This is a year to deal with loyalty, monogamy and a few other little factors, like money, business and finance.
Confidential to Mariska Hargitay (Jan. 23, Law & Order: SVU): You’ve certainly got an alluring, heartbreaking feminine side that draws people to you, although they will never ever be able to possess you. Despite the dizzy, ditzy vulnerable state you’re in now, there’s a tough guy in there nobody should ever mess with.

PISCES Feb. 20–Mar. 20
On a cold wintry night, it sure is wonderful to be able to cozy up in bed to a pair of nice, warm feet — somebody else’s, that is. You can’t beat the feeling that somebody is there to bounce ideas off of, or to help you to the bathroom if you’re in one of your woozier moments. Don’t give away all your power, though. True happiness comes from remembering you can still stand on your own two feet.
Confidential to Kyle MacLachlan (Feb. 22, Desperate Housewives): Some people establish themselves in a career, and — boom! — they’re there forever. Why should you have to expect the totally unexpected and live a much spottier life? Do things come out of nowhere to raise you up and then turn around and blow you away? It's simple: You’re a Pisces.

ARIES Mar. 21–Apr. 20
It would probably drive you cuckoo to just sit at home all day and do nothing, mainly because being active and useful keeps you sane. Do not, however, get stuck doing some crappy, boring job because it makes you feel more secure. The real deal: go for meaning and inspiration, let go of some of the control, and allow the miracle you have been praying for to finally happen.
Confidential to America Ferrera (April 18, Ugly Betty): You’re not the usual bust-in-the-door-with-both-guns-blazing type of Aries. Ooh, you can be plenty dangerous, all right, and you’ve got a lethal side, but you’ve got style and finesse. So if anybody deceives or wrongs you, they’d just better not be dumb enough to drink the tea.

TAURUS Apr. 21–May 21
Got kids? What a blessing, at least until they are teenagers. It’s nice to take children (as well as adult love objects) and turn them into huggable teddy bears. But then what? Sooner or later all the lovey-dovey stuff gets kind of old, and you find that you need to move outside your own little sphere and get more interested not only in what’s happening in the world, but also in how you can help.
Confidential to David Krumholtz (May 15, Numbers): Tauruses are strong. You’re strong. Whatever insecurities you have, they are not about money; they are about love and family. This is the year of all years to settle some old scores with your mom and dad, and begin to realize just how hard it really is to have a family. Period.

GEMINI May 22–June 21
Nothing in this world is more soothing than coming home at the end of a grueling day, plopping down on the couch and enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home. It can be a great escape from the pressures of business and politics. This year, however, the real accomplishment will be to get out of the house and away from the family. Ironic, maybe, but all too true.
Confidential to Anne Heche (May 25, Men in Trees): Strange, isn’t it? For so many of your younger years, you spent so much time trying to reconcile your attraction/repulsion to the so-called traditional family, in the hopes that you could just settle down and be abnormally normal. The answer still lies in pursuing a career.

CANCER June 22–July 23
Pack your duds, and get ready to travel. In spite of everything that keeps you buzzing around your own neighborhood, you absolutely must leave your zip code this year. All the 80,000 ridiculous little errands you have to do, and the 90,000 worries that wake you up at 3 am, will all still be there when you come back from wherever it is you should force yourself to go.
Confidential to Robert Knepper (July 8, Prison Break): This was a love year, and your performance level was high in every area. From now on, you will be devoting yourself to your real passions: money, real estate and finance. Prosperity may not heal all your personal and private wounds, but it will sure as hell help.

LEO July 24–Aug. 23
Know this: On the subject of money, we can all allow ourselves to get crazy. At any moment we can start obsessing over how much is going out and how much is not coming in. But save your energy. Let yourself be supported now, and devote yourself instead to following all your passions (just the legal ones, of course), whether they seem impractical or not. That’s where you’ll find bliss and joy. No lie.
Confidential to Isaiah Washington (Aug. 3, Grey's Anatomy): It’s such a bore to have to live up to a certain image. You have to be this manly man all the time, just because you’re a Leo. The fact is you have so many gentler, more artistic sides to you, and when you reach a certain point in your life, it’s perfectly OK to start showing them.

VIRGO Aug. 24–Sept. 23
Do you have to do everything all by your lonesome, with no help from anyone? After a while, being independent doesn’t really cut it, and life could be so much easier and a thousand times happier if you could just go with the flow a little more. Let yourself be guided by others and accept the fact that sooner or later, we all need people. Sometimes they might even be able to save you from yourself.
Confidential to Kyle Chandler (Sept. 17, Friday Night Lights): Show business is a great way to make a living, but maybe you should have been a veterinarian. Not that you’re not a great actor, but just think: Then you could have made a life’s work out of taking in stray animals and caring for them. You do it anyway.

LIBRA Sept. 24–Oct. 23
These days we hear so much about the connection between physical and men­tal health, but in the end it’s hard to figure out a way to stay on top of it all and remain productive. In your case, when you are inspired and dedicated, it’s no prob­lem. It’s only when you start listening to those voices in­side your head that things get messed up. So find something you love to do and forget about the rest.
Confidential to Mario Lopez (Oct. 10, Dancing with the Stars): Let’s get this straight right now: You are way more rebellious and out­rageous than Libras are supposed to be, and you are not about to follow the program or do exactly as you’re told, no matter how many people upstairs think they control your career. Could be risky.

SCORPIO Oct. 24–Nov. 23
We all love freedom — to be able to call our own shots, come and go as we please and not be tied down by messy involvements. The thing is, although that sort of “Hey, let’s recycle our trash and save the planet” routine may give you the feeling that you’re actually doing something, real fulfillment comes when you’re in a more intimate embrace and kissing the one who you truly love.
Confidential to Sally Field (Nov. 6, Brothers & Sisters): Catering to the powers that be has always bugged you because you have high standards of behavior and morality that do not include sucking up to anyone who can make or break you. Even at this stage of your life, power and politics drive you up the wall.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 24–Dec. 21
Of course you want to be recognized for all the hard work you put in. It’s no sin to expect a pat on the back or even a lousy thank-you when you have broken your back for a bunch of goons whose antics you don’t respect. And all because you do not want to get stuck at home in some boring role you are not comfortable playing. Oddly, though, when business gets to you, where do you end up going? Home to family.
Confidential to Clay Aiken (Nov. 30): Creating balance between a personal life (such as it is) and your career has been harder than anybody would suspect, mainly because you hide it all. It's especially tough when a new temptation comes along and lures you away from what you’ve been working toward.

Michael Lutin ( is Vanity Fair’s “Planetarium” astrologer and the author of Sunshines: The Astrology of Being Happy.