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HBO's 2 Dope Queens Spill the Tea on Their Fave Queens, GoT and Why Oprah Shouldn't Run

The two funny ladies answer 12 revealing questions

Malcolm Venable

2 Dope Queensbrought their beloved, quirky cool podcast to HBO in February, giving fans a chance to see them do their distinct brand of comedy on the small screen. The Queens -- Daily Showalum Jessica Williams and comic/writer Phoebe Robinson -- have mastered the art of making people feel like they're at a boozy brunch with two of the most fun girls in New York City, but that betrays the stealth savviness of the schtick, which is to make their schtick feel like not a schtick at all. 2 Dope Queens is very much a polished act though, which is apparent in their four HBO episodes that encompass a wide range of topics from New York City (Episode 1), guys ("Hot Peen," Episode 2), hair (Episode 3), fangirling over Beyonce,Game of Thrones, and being "blerds," ("Black Nerds," Episode 4). Even the set for the shows, filmed in front of an audience at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn, keeps up the appearance of nonchalance: the stage is a replica of an NYC rooftop, replete with milk crates for seats and a BBQ grill, where guest comics and A-list visitors (Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Stewart, Tituss Burgess and more) come to chill. TV Guide caught up with the 2 Dope Queens recently to ask 12 totally random questions in the spirit of the podcast; here's what they had to say about Oprah for president, the celebs they'd most want to hook up with and what they absolutely must see in the final season of Thrones.

What is the beauty ritual you're most ashamed of?
Williams: I love that.
Robinson: You know, I pop my zits. It's very satisfying. This is gross, but I like to see then crash into the mirror and then wipe it off. I feel like I'm a soldier.
Williams: When I'm in between waxing and I need to shave my bikini area, I just use a razor and I'm just like 'This is going to come back and get me.'
Robinson: Like those razor bumps?
Williams: Yeah and then the next one who waxes me drags me. She says, 'What happened?' I'm like, [hushed voice] 'I used the razor.'

What do you wish boys that were trying to holler at you knew?
Williams: Ooooh...
Robinson: They should know that I'm a very gassy person so if you want to try to put a ring on it also bring a box of Gas-X.
Williams: Things they don't already know? It's that I like video games and that I'm very into my [Nintendo] 3DS and sometimes Mama just needs my Pokemon time to enjoy the day.

Oprah for president? Yay or nay?
Williams: It's whatever she wants to do. But just because we're going through a bad time right now doesn't mean that she needs to be president. Oprah should do exactly what the f--k Oprah wants to do.
Robinson: I love Oprah. She's fantastic. But I just feel like to change so many lives -- whether it's with the school charity or philanthropic work... I don't want her to be president and like, have to issue drone strikes.

Yeah, or have to capitulate to racists or dumb people.
Robinson: That I don't want. She just so much wonderful where she is.
Williams: Yeah it would be nice to not have to see her hashtag 'bend the knee.' You never want to see Oprah bend the knee.

You're a Libra (Robinson) and Jessica you are Leo correct?
Williams: Oh my God! Yes.
Robinson: (Starts clapping)

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, 2 Dope Queens

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, 2 Dope Queens


How are you like your sun sign and how are you not?
Robinson: I am like it because Libras have expensive taste and sometimes spend more money than I should one thing. And the other thing is, I kind of over-analyze things. I do eventually get to a decision but I scrutinize everything from every angle. And they always say the Libras are jealous lovers but I'm a passionate giving lover.
Williams: I'm a Leo. A real fire sign. I like big head of a mane. I like my own space which I think a lot of Leo's do and I also find that I like giving gifts a lot. I have a nephew for example he's a year-and-a-half he knows my name because I tried to make sure before he was born, I will give him stuff and be like, 'Aunty gave it to you!' So now whenever I see him he remembers me. I made that emotional imprint.
Robinson: You bought his love.
Williams: I bought his love. As soon as he was in his mom's bell. But that's a very well-known thing for Leos to do.

What's the thing in your fridge you cannot live without?
Robinson: LaCroix Pamplemousse flavor.
Williams: And I'm a tangerine flavor La Croix person.

Favorite queen?
Robinson: Of all time? Latifah!
Williams: Oprah slash Gayle. Oh and Latifah.

You're both so open and personable. Is there anything that off limits you don't talk about?Robinson: Yeah my boyfriend I can't say his name so I just called the British Bake Off but other than that I'm pretty much to talk about whatever and I think the same with Jess.

What celebrity is the most under appreciated in terms of hotness?
Robinson: Okay so this is kind of dorky but I always thought Mel C, Sporty Spice.
Williams: She was the best Spice.
Robinson: She was so cute and tomboy and cool people ignored her because of Baby and Scary but I was like, She's cool! She has tear away pants!
Williams: She did the backflip.
Robinson: Yes!
Williams: That's a good one that's the one that I wanted to be when we would play Spice Girls. I wanted to be left eye when we played TLC and I want to be Sporty Spice. They were like, You don't want to be Scary? Who's an underrated old man? Damn I'm not sure because Jeff Goldblum is obviously a sex symbol.
Robinson: I think Gordon Ramsay is hot.
Williams: Yeah! His tight white T-shirt.
Robinson: I'm a sucker for an accent. And he's good at his job. I like men who are good at their jobs.

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, 2 Dope Queens

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, 2 Dope Queens


Who are your dream guests?

Williams: Oprah and Gayle.
Robinson: Oh God so many. Oprah and Gayle. I think Solange would be really cool. I think we would just be barefoot and eat hummus and she's read my fortune, my palm. I think she's got some great voodoo that I want in my life. She's so smart. And also Ashley Graham. I really like what she does for body positivity and she's really smart. And I don't think she gets enough credit for what she does because she's so smart.

What's your favorite trait about each other and then the trait that makes you be like I'm going to kill you?
Robinson: My favorite trait about Jessica...I like how she fills a room. It's always like 'Hi, hello Queen.' It's always like this brightness to it. She always has a commanding presence because she's taller than the average woman but everyone who knows her knows she has a sunny disposition about her which I think is great. And the thing that I want to strangle her on is, she's not the most on-time person.
Williams: What do you mean?
Robinson: Have you or have you not --
Williams: All our live shows you come late!
Robinson: Have you or have you not shown up to podcast tapings late?!
Williams: Phoebe is always late.
Robinson: You've been an hour late!
Williams: You're always late to live tapings.
Robinson: One or two minutes.
Williams: Noooo! That is a Sha-no-no. Phoebe is good at business. She's so good at getting things done. It's like you're my hero it's amazing and inspiring. My hero.
Robinson: Thanks.
Williams: You're welcome. The thing that makes me want to choke you? The mood. I have to catch the mood.
Robinson: Okay.

What person from your past makes you most want to reach back and say "Thanks?
Williams: My mom. She's super supportive. She's always been really playful. And my Dad too. They've always encouraged me to go to UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) do shows at Comedysportz and be the best I could be. Without them I don't think I'd be doing this. I'm lucky blessed and honored. My mom's a badass woman.
Robinson: You know, my very first boss, Josh Sussman. We've known each other almost 10 years. He was an entertainment lawyer. I was an office assistant. And I knew nothing about law outside of Ally McBeal and Law & Order. And I came in like 'Here's your coffee and your contracts! When I first started doing stand up I would come in late after doing these midnight shows and he was so supportive. He would come to my stand up shows like 'You have a future, keep doing this.'

What do you have to see in the last season of Game of Thrones?
Williams: More Khalessi and Jon Snow. I ship it. But I need like 100 more episodes.
Robinson: It's really hard because I'm so devastated it's ending. But I think Cersei needs to be stopped. She's out of control. She don't care no more -- her kids are dead and she's like 'Kill everybody, I'm pregnant!' I'm like, 'Okay Cersei be a little bit nicer!' And then, the Ice Dragon. How are we going to stop the Ice Dragon! Look at me saying We. I'm not involved. But how? Who's going to stop it?

2 Dope Queens airs on Fridays at 11:30 p.m from Feb. 2 to Feb. 23 on HBO.