1989 soundtrack: The Cure "Love Song"; Fine Young Cannibals "She Drives Me Crazy"; Roxette "Listen to Your Heart"

How great is that Cure song, by the way? It never gets old. But what does get old on this show are those lines that are absolutely cringe-inducing. Like the textbook-sleazy agent trying to convince Jenna to audition for a movie that "is going to be huge! Hudson Hawk!" Please, please stop. While the beginning of the episode seemed like more of the same soft drama, the show really (and finally!) started to pick up some steam. After all, it's been a month since we've seen ya. You're really gonna have to capture our attention in order to ensure that we stick around, Reunion people! Captain MajorHottie continues to investigate the murder of one of the six friends. He's coming under some fire because his big suspect is Father Whatawaste. His next stop on the friends train is (drumroll, please): Congressman Craig! So that means the victim is either Jenna or Sam (my bet's on Sam). Congressman Craig recalls how his supposed best friend ended up helping the feds nail his dad to the wall at the most inopportune time: during Craig and Sam's rehearsal dinner. Then Will chose an even more inopportune time to tell Sam he loved her: at the church right before Craig and Sam were to get married. Ouch. Did Sam marry Craig? Or did she run away with Will? We won't know until next week. Very good  a juicy cliffhanger. Now you're learning. Will-Sam oozed chemistry (yay!). Carla and Aaron finally got together (cute!). Congressman Craig is paralyzed (how?). I confess I didn't see that one coming. But I loved it. This drama is finally getting good.